Screw Your Tone !!!

screw your toneYeah, nobody give a damn about this, at first. but do you know, a screwdriver will get you the precise tone you want to your guitar sound? yes it is. Screw Your Tone by adjusting the gap between strings and pickups you can redefine your guitar tone. here i share you the pic.

screw pickups
adjusting the gap between strings and pickups

by narrowing the gap between strings and pickups, you will get darker and fatter tone.just simply screw the pickups like the picture above (both screw heads). Screw Your Tone more to go deeper.

if you want brighter tone, of course all you have to do is make the gap wider. basically this will help you in solving tone problem before you go to amps and effects stuff. it is necessary to know your guitar physics before you get upset about how your guitar sounds on practice and stages.

screw your tone and get excited!




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