things made you fall in love with guitar

guitar love

there are moments when you look at your guitar(s) and think “why am i so addicted to this instrument?”. well, i have my own moments and i feel great about them. here few things those made me fall in love with guitar.


everyone has their favorite songs. you love the lyrics, you like how the vocalist sung the notes, you are thrilled by the music composition and especially in this case, sometimes you just love how the guitar sounds in the song. the way it starts the intro, or how the lead guitar screams at interlude, even you maybe just love the way your head moving because the guitar funky rhythm along the song. the next day, you’ll find yourself at music store and choosing your very first guitar.


everybody loves movies and there are movies with guitar in it. Crossroads (1986 film) is one of recommended movies that will made you. or you can watch It Might Get Loud (2008). that movies is inspiring, both in guitar playing and music knowledge. even you will love August Rush (2007). these kind of movies will move your legs to local guitar shops and you’ll find yourself overjoyed with guitars.

guitar movies
video clips.

this will be the other thing. through video clips you’ll see how the musicians performing their songs. at some clips you watch them playing with the coolest style along the music play, then suddenly you want that so bad. you want to be a guitarist with with the coolest style you just saw. you might get attracted visually at first, but it might be a significant start for your life as guitar player.


youtube guitar cover
people’s playing.

this one is interesting. you have your favorite song and it is played by piano, suddenly one day you find an URL to video covering your favorite song with guitar and you think it is great cover and it is refreshing. i bet the next moment you will start covering all your favorite songs with guitar and upload them on YouTube.

the guitar models.

it is simply a love at the first sight. is it possible to guitar? yes. there are gorgeous guitar models and you just want it badly. the quilted maple decals, inlay designs, shiny bridge and knobs, or even unique headstocks will encourage you to have that guitar. you will reach it and the next thing happened is, you asked the music shop keeper to give it a try on amps then boom! the guitar is yours and you want to show it to everyone.

guitars models
maybe I’m just overreacting about this, but you know, my guitar addiction has brought me to here in this site and I’m sure it will continue to other great things. how about you guys? girls? 🙂



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