feels right to play left, do you?

for years I’ve been playing guitar right-handed. the fact is I’m lefty. when i took a moment to think, actually it wasn’t easy and i had difficult times in learning right-handed guitar playing (and I’m still learning guitar now). some people might think why i should bother to learn right-handed guitar playing instead of playing it lefty. Here the best reason of all time, “Because at first i didn’t even have a guitar!”… i borrowed my friend’s guitar, which is of course it’s a right-handed guitar,and start learning to play it. Everyday i came to his house and we learned it together.

i love this sentence, “we learned it to-get-her”. šŸ˜€ hahaha, everyone has own reason in playing guitar and mine was to get some cute girls’ attention. what a great reason to start guitar playing.

anyway, šŸ˜€ years gone by and i found myself right-handed when it comes to guitar playing. while until now, I’m still curious about playing guitar lefty. so today i decide to learn the lefty way. i have a Yamaha CX-40 nylon strings guitar and i changed the strings order. this post is a kind of legal agreement for myself to play left guitar. i made promise to myself that i will perform my left guitar playing in front of people on stage a year for now. actually i can’t raise the bar for more. it is a longer-term deadline compared with when i learn the right-guitar playing. no girls get involved in this agreement :D.

yamaha cx 40 left guitar
changing the strings order to learn playing left guitar

so here i show you my Yamaha CX 40 nylon strings guitar which i change its strings order. if you start learning guitar today just like me, then that’s great!! we can share all things about guitar, remember I’m a beginner here so go easy on me guys, see ya next post…



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