Steps To Learn Guitar Awesomely

Guitar definitely has power to cast magic spells to people. This beautiful music instrument has been with us since the sixteenth century and developing within the history of music making. Its development marks each decade of music history.

Do you want to play guitar while right now you are a total newbie? The best way is go find a great guitar tutor to learn correctly about basics. Hiring Guitar tutors is a wise decision in learning process, while actually you should know some must-do stuff in playing guitar. Right now in this article, will share few essential steps to learn guitar awesomely:

1. Get a guitar and Start Playing it:

There’s a first for everything and when it comes to guitar playing, all we need to do is to get a guitar and start playing guitar right away. your enemy is zero guitar knowledge and to beat it, make the zero number replaced by other numbers. The guitar parts are great place to start digging your knowledge and building deep bond to this awesome music instrument. Guitar needs a good care, that thing is gonna make awesome, we should aware about that.

electric guitar

2. Determination:

Playing Guitar needs determination in doing exercises, learning music concepts and understand its existence in music. A single whole day of hard work wouldn’t be enough to label us as Guitarist, we will need days of practice, weeks of learning, months of understanding, years of dedication in playing guitar. Keep the guitar sparks of interest sparkling and become flames which keep your guitar learning process and you will get the strings’ notes in the right tone clearly, exactly, and easily. There’s nothing can exceed the hard work.


3. Be Exact and on time:

The concept of music are tone and time, and that’s what playing guitar about.  It is necessary to give a big extra attention in learning music tempo and tonality. Our hard practice will be nothing if we can’t follow simple music tempo or not caring about how it sounds. All licks are based on tempo and notes, the sound created by various guitar techniques (such as palm-muting and vibrato) are essential in music harmony creations. Learn it slowly so we can get the right and comfort ways in playing this instrument  and develop a better knowledge.

4. Learn Music by its history:

Each decade of music has its own unique character and we should have knowledge about them. Classical music is one of the best to start since classical music sheets are the basic of nowadays music writing concepts and evolution. Learn other guitarists and get their techniques and ways to assimilate them to our guitar playing. Various tunes and rhythms in various techniques and music genres are great thing to enrich our playing.

classical guitar
Steps To Learn Guitar Awesomely

5. Make notes and summary of Guitar Playing:

By observing and learning from others you can get the real how-to guitar playing. There are some unofficial rules and restrictions we should know in playing guitar (such like learning in hurry!) in order to make us learning it efficiently without wasting any time of worthless practice.

6. Love the Chords :

Not only learn the chords and inversions, but love them, too as a inseparable part of our guitar playing. we’ll find out that simple four notes in chromatic would sound so beautiful and inspiring, just because of the chords which accompany them are correlated correctly. get used to chords sounds and know why they exist in music. Learn Guitar Awesomely means be awesome both on rhythm and solo.

The next is:

Feel it through our blood veins, show all what we’ve got so far. be open minded in critics and respect anyone’s guitar playing ability at any level (including yours, too!) as we know being a guitarist need a serious dedication and efforts.

so get ready, grab your guitar and be awesome!