Learn guitar playing by covering songs

there’s nothing more interesting in learning guitar other than covering songs we like. all exercises such like picking techniques, slide, hammer-ons and pull-offs, legato, arpeggios, those stuff made me bored sometimes. covering our idols’ songs is one of great exercises in guitar playing development.

so, what is this all about? well, some people think that covering their idols’ songs is the final results in learning guitar playing. can’t argue with that, because at first we all want that. but, as time goes by, we will be wiser and we will know our true purpose in playing guitar.  (well, i don’t. i just love guitar so much. that’s it)

and i guess i don’t really know much about this, but here are some advantages i got after my attempt to do songs cover:

– first thing is of course. fun! it feels great when you listen your own favorite songs played by your own hands. try it. here i share my video about my attempt to cover joe satriani’s song “always with me, always with you”. it is rough though (omg why I’m doing this??! )

– second, every song has its own knowledge. the song will educate us in one great package. every lick inside it is worth trying. at some points, we can assimilate them into something new in our playing.

– third, you can mark your own progress by marking it with songs. choose your own challenge. pick some songs and rate the difficulty, then you can start Learn guitar playing and mastering them one by one. the end result will be your true achievement in guitar playing.

Learn guitar playing by covering songs

there are more than those i wrote here. all we have to do is make our guitar learning as fun as possible and who knows, we will end up as the greatest virtuoso of all time 😉