Guitar Synthesizer for your guitar playing

besides our guitar playing and styles, Do we got satisfied with our guitar sounds? it’s my daily-time question actually. when i plug my guitar on stage amps and i heard different sound characters (because i haven’t got any amps for my playing). well, one of my solution is putting the guitar synthesizer on my floorboard. it’s Roland GR 55 guitar synthesizer and it is a smart move i made.

roland gr 55 bos gt 8 (3)so here what I’ve got. the guitar synthesizer is connected directly to mixer (it’s a tiny xenyx behringer mixer), while i can put the guitar out into my Boss GT 8 and i can connect it to the amps freely without worrying about the synthesizer’s sound output. it is a beautiful sound produced to accompany the guitar tones.

on the other hand, i have more options for minimum stage condition, it’s all handled by the Roland GR 55 since it is a versatile product. it’s a way to perfection. i already have Boss GT 8 for optimal guitar tones, and the Roland GR 55 take the sound into new vision of music and guitar playing. you can get the idea via this video:

expanding tone options by adding some rich tones with guitar synthesizer is fun. enjoy. šŸ™‚