Being Mr. V (the guitarist who own flying V guitar)

flying V guitar
Mr. V

yes, first you gotta let me using that title, then I’ll show you some dreams.

who’s the first?
yes, Gibson is the first brand which launched the flying V guitar. it was in 1958, The  flying V guitar designs were meant to a futuristic image of Gibson brand. Lonnie Mack and Albert King were considered the first user of this guitar model. Dave Davies and Jimi Hendrix started using it in the mid-late 1960s.

what is the first next thing happened?
of course, the variants. Flying V2, Reverse Flying V, V Bass are the next generations of Gibson flying V guitars.

who’s got the thrill?
the metal heads. this guitar model has a strong and masculine look, so impressive and it becomes one of first choice for metal genre. Dean V with V shaped Dean Headstock and V shaped tailpiece, KKV (Kerry King V), also known as the Speed V, designed by kerry king for B.C. Rich guitars, Jackson King V, and Randy Rhoads has his Jackson Randy Rhoads series.

so, do you want to put these guitars as one of your weapon?
i do,.. it’s kind of cute if i have one of flying V guitar. still, I’m not sure which brand should i go with because Gibson Explorer is what actually on my mind right now. thanks to this guy on the pic down here