my nylon string acoustic guitar, yamaha CX-40

what can make you relax sittin’ on your back while you were singing your favorite songs? it’s an acoustic guitar. yes, indeed. the clear sound defines relaxation and joy. for me, the nylon string acoustic guitar is the best friend in your private time.
what i have in my room? it’s  Yamaha C40 Full Size Nylon-String Classical Guitar. hmmmm,… it’s YAMAHA CX-40 actually, I’ve got it from local store. nice stuff with simple sound enhancement, a Yamaha pickup installed will give the extra value. whether you want to plug it in and record some tones, or you want to enjoy your private moments, this is the best i can get with reasonable and affordable price.” yes i recommend some of my stuff i have, this blog is a kind of voluntarily reviews about stuff those help me to accomplish my guitar playing style. i try to value them objectively, but i guess you will find out that this blog is my whole ideas of my own opinions. it is about guitar, after all 🙂 a musical instrument that owned by heart and played by the deepest feeling.. be cool”

so what is my dislike about this nylon guitar? there’s almost no complain about the crafting and its manufacturing, it is fine by me. it feels good on my hands.

nylon string acoustic guitar
yamaha CX-40

what i feel annoyed about is, the pickups, it seems Yamaha didn’t take this part seriously. it is noisy, a lot, because from what i felt, the pickups isn’t sensitive enough to get the nylon string tones. it is attached-bridge pickups actually, the advantage of this pickup is, it is not a regular microphone. you won’t get the hum feedback from the body since the sound is directly distributed from strings to guitar bridge.

BUT,.. still it has nice sound comes out from the body. so if you likely want to make a record with this guitar, i suggest you to have two outputs for it. the first output is direct microphone straight pointed at the guitar body, and the second output is from the pickups. that is all i can get, so far, for now. hope you like my stuff here.

ps: i might record my stuff with my webcam and videoblog it, so, this post will be edited in the future for much better information shared.if you don’t like nylon classic guitar you might get interested by yamaha’s steel-strings guitar 500 series



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