get yourself some fine guitar


as the very first post, this is the best recommendation for anyone who want to play guitar. well, I’ve been playing for several years and I’m still looking for the most suitable guitar for me. for my very first guitar is an acoustic guitar.

some considerations when you choose a fine guitar on the internet are too difficult to understand by people who know a little about guitar, so i made some simple points for you to think about.

choose your favorite song(s) and find out stuff about them. the song themselves are representing your taste of music. the song you learn will be your influence for your guitar playing. if it is played by acoustic guitar, you may find playing an acoustic guitar would be fun and beautiful; you choose the natural sound and it suits everywhere in the world. Or, if it is played by electric guitar, yes, there will be more fun in exploring various sound and style of playing. you might know some popular guitar virtuoso with their distinctive music.

i wanna some rock! I’ll get some jazz! i conquer them all !!.. say it and it’s a starting point of your life to become great guitarist.

– when it comes to technical, now we’re talking about woods and the precision of guitar making. maple woods and mahogany are well known as woods those has the best tone and the easy-crafting for guitar. google them and you will find out why. next thing is, the guitar precision. to accomplish best sound, you will see, the guitar precision has the big role. some of well-known brands is used by famous guitarists to produce millions of beautiful songs.

remember, your taste of music define your sound and the fine guitar explain your playing.

well i guess this would be enough for now,… I’ll be back with more great and better post. now I’m preparing images and videos for this blog, hope you will enjoy them as i enjoyed making them.




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