Assembling an Electric Guitar – neck and body

yeah, i should put more details on the blog post title but actually i want to show you how easy assembling guitar can be. what i got here was a separated squier telecaster neck and pre-wired telecaster body. the only thing you need here is one screwdriver and you can put them into one piece of beautiful telecaster.

squier telecaster
Assembling an Electric Guitar – neck and body

just put them together and,

squier telecaster

put the plate and the screw, then tighten them X way.

squier telecaster

once it is done, put the strings

squier telecaster

now, the last thing you need to do is take the last picture of your work and you can admire it while you’re playing it

squier telecaster

okay… what so special about this? nothing, yes, NOTHING

all i want to say is, guitars can be so simple without decreasing our respects to this holy grail. and wonderful thing about telecaster is. unlike other set-neck guitars, telecaster can be so great since you can get its parts separately, highly customized as your wishes in such an easy way… this guitar is so popular yet it still give its best contributions to every guitarists style of playing.

enjoy telecasters!

My Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster Spalted Maple Top HH

YES! now is a great time to bring stuff that made my ass work hard lately and forgot to blog. A new guitar for my playing. it’s Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster Spalted Maple Top tele® HH and she’s gorgeous! I’d been read about this stuff and its reviews several years ago and luckily i met this Fender last year. actually, it took me a year later to take this to my house but i have no complain at all about this spalted maple i share some pictures i made for this guitar and i think you’ll like it. The guitar itself is a Set Neck Tele and it has beautiful finish well-crafted by Korean manufacturer. this fender special edition custom spalted maple tele is using rosewood fretboard. It has fine playability, the design is natural and very beautiful, i got mine with fire-like spalted maple design.

Fender Telecaster Spalted Maple Top
Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster Spalted Maple Top HH

a brief fender spalted maple telecaster review about the playability that some owners of this guitar said is, Fender Telecaster spalted maple top has a les paul feel. hmm, at first in playing it I couldn’t find this, but after couple minutes, yes, for seconds i felt like i’m holding a les paul guitar. It might be the neck size and color and similar pickups it used those cause this. but the two Seymour Duncan humbuckers operated by push-pull tone knob and three-tone switch are good ideas in changing sound characters on live performances. it’s quite convenient. there’s no complain about the neck, but I’ve been holding the 24-frets neck for years and i guess i need more practices to feel this guitar neck. the guitar neck is great, while me-gotta practice more and more. this two pictures i made here somehow reminds me the led zeppellin song title, “stairway to heaven“. 😀 i just love this tele..

Fender Special Edition Custom
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stairway to heaven telecaster
“stairway to heaven”

this spalted maple tele is on 2007 year made, i am the next owner and currently i couldn’t find the new one for this. probably Fender switches this product to Custom Telecaster FMT HH (see detailed product here) which it has great reviews, too. but i couldn’t make any negative reviews about my Fender Spalted Maple Top Tele® since it has been so great, and the more i couldn’t wait to make video reviews about stuff i use 😀 still making experiments for my own videoblog and sound recording for blogs, wish me luck!


update: i add video about this @ enjoy!