pedal board Aluminium DIY for analog effect pedals

So I’ve tried few DIY about guitar and this is my favorite, making pedal board for my analog effect pedals. why does it become favorite? because it’s easy! And i consider this will be everyone’s successful first try. I really forgot to taking pictures while i made the pedal board, I only can show the result and make a list for this DIY pedalboard.


First, I took the used aluminium bar on my warehouse, and yes, it was for curtains actually.

DIY aluminium pedalboard

and then I cut it into pieces. I didn’t have any idea about the size at first so i decided to use my Boss GT 8 dimension so i can put it in the GT 8 softcase.

diy pedal board aluminum (1)
Aluminium pedal board using Boss GT 8 size dimension


well, it works. I use screws for joining the edges, using drill machine to make holes and it turns out okay.


diy pedal board aluminum (3)
Aluminium pedal board


As you can see I’m not good at making things. this pedal board isn’t exactly precise, there are gaps between joints, BUT, the Aluminium bar is strong enough to keep my rough craftsmanship’s result in rigid condition.

by the way, I put used paper board below the pedal board to cover the cables so they don’t come out and messy.

I’m not using velcro, I’d prefer Double-Sided Bonding Tapes to put my pedals on the board. but if it’s not strong enough, I’ll replace the tapes with velcro or something else.


diy pedal board aluminum (2)
Aluminium pedal board


right now while I’m watching my pedalboard, I have some tips for everyone:


– For every DIY project, please take enough time to make blueprints. my first and fatal mistake is, I’m in hurry in preparing my stuff for next performance and I was just too excited about DIY things, in matter of fact, I’m always too excited about guitar things.

– We can also use wood, but IMHO, aluminium is great material, considering it came from used stuff. you have to buy good wood for this, you just can’t pick any used wood. DIY project is great with all-new-bought stuff, but for me, recycling used stuff comes first.

– you might wanna upgrade your cable connectors for your analog pedals. there is rumor about my cheap cable connectors reduces tone, and I’d like to read more about cables and put that topic in other posts

– instead of making one, surely you can buy a pedalboard.. a Boss bcb-60 pedal board will satisfy your needs and it saves you a lot of time BUT >>>

if you bought brand new pedal board, you will always be haunted by CURIOSITY, HAHAHAHA