Old Fernandes Revolver still rocks!

guitar fernandes revolver
Fernandes Revolver FR-55T Made in Japan 90’s era

While until now i still keep my saving to get a fine Telecaster, i currently use Fernandes, a 90’s guitar japanese made. Old enough with good treatment. i bought it from my friend’s store about a half year ago.

It is a good guitar with stratocaster tone. with a reasonable price, i got a worth maple wood guitar japanese made. the pickup is Fernandes’, the nuts and the bridge are Gotoh. this is Fernandes Revolver FR-55T Made in Japan 90’s era. Sugoi !

hmm.. what can i say more about this guitar?  it well-suited on my hands although i prefer my other custom-made guitar which has smaller guitar neck.

yes, i’m a little guitar guy with bunch of difficulties in learning guitar and still wondering how to play it in best style i can get.

But, indeed it is an old guitar. it has noise as i guess it’s because the circuitry needs to be repaired. renew them with the newest technology. yes, DiMarzio or Seymour Duncan’s stuff would be the best i can get to optimize this guitar performance.
well, i might need to change the bridge, it rusted a little bit. and a lot more i want for enhancements.

but,… on the second thought, i’d like to keep it classic. it would sound like that i have something valuable from the past. i won’t try to make it a “worn-out guitar” by scratching it here and there. i don’t have a heart to do it. when i need a new one, I WILL get one.

FR-55T Made in Japan
Fernandes Revolver FR-55T Made in Japan 90’s era

here i upload some pictures of it, and what i got form digging information about this guitar is very interesting. Fernandes guitar has been evolving rapidly. they have fine-crafted guitars with good woods and fine materials. Here are some the newest Fernandes products you might be interested in.

nowadays, Fernandes guitar is claimed as rocker’s need while i have the old one with the blues tone. and i think it’s because the pickups evolution. Fernandes Guitars have sustainer system inside them which is likely similar to an E-Bow.i mean the latest ones have them. here the close picture
of my Fernandes Revolver pickups and bridge.

fernandes revolver 90 guitar bridge n pickups
Fernandes Revolver FR-55T MIJ 90’s era

i’m still using this guitar because i like the tone its created. that’s enough for now i guess. any comments about this guitar? please, it’s a pleasure to have your comments here.

PS: I made a photo-edited about my fernandes. it’s not a big thing but i think you will like it. here it is