Orianthi, as “Girl-Guitar” Combinations Can Be

PRS guitar

First news i heard about Orianthi was when Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, less than three weeks before his “This Is It” concert date. The curiosity about the king of pop legend had lead the world to the new name, Orianthi Panagaris. This is very interesting when i was reading all stuff about the shocking news, Orianthi was very-well prepared to be a new hot stuff.

As a young girl with guitar, she was serious. Her instrumental song, The “Highly Strung” was very eye-catch stuff as you can see, i embedded the video here, Steve Vai is on her video. Yes, one of world guitar extraordinaire was collaborated with Orianthi.

But not only that, her video “According To You” is one thing, too. What interested me was using PRS Guitar. what a nice choice for female guitar shredder. Actually she has her own signature SE model. Here are her thoughts about her PRS

on NAMM 2011

the latest PRS guitar she uses is the 2012 PRS SE signature

PRS SE Orianthi

the newest things about her are, first, her latest album released on 12 March 2013, Heaven in This Hell. Produced by Dave Stewart, this is the 3rd Orianthi’s studio album. Although 5 songs of this album were in her 2011 Extended play, Fire, this would satisfied the fans.
What happened next is, that Orianthi got a Memorabilia Case, performed at Vinyl in The Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas on April 28, 2013 and she was calling out her fans to make her new album video shoot.

What else i can share about her? well, i guess we watch her for now on, as boys might hate this Chick on guitar because of her amazing achievements. 🙂




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