Mumford And Sons, refreshes the boring ears

Well, YouTube has introduce me a new refreshment, It’s Mumford And Sons who brings anyone ears back from the synthesizers sounds and electronic music stuff into full enjoyment in playing guitar and singing together. Take a look into their video “I will Wait” and you will know what i meant here. these guys; Marcus Mumford the lead vocals who also playing guitar, and mandolin while he puts his foot on a bass drum, has great band partners, Ben Lovett, Ted Dwane and Winston Marshall. together they caught my ears while i was getting bored about my guitar playing, and I’m sure they got everyone’s attention, too. With their video on YouTube, here i show you why:

these guys remind me about what exactly the guitar does, to cheer up people by singing together, which sometimes we forget about this thing. All the guitar lessons and theories, practicing licks and arpeggios make us tired sometimes, and we need something what we call refreshment, which Mumford And Sons successfully presented.
Download I Will Wait song

They play guitars so lively, don’t you think? 🙂



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