Marshall MS-2, cute little hard rock served on your desk

This Marshall MS-2 sounds louder than you think. yes, it’s a mini-amps product by +Marshall Amplification and you can have much fun with this. I bought this new and it’s made by Marshall manufacture in Vietnam. Marshall Amplification is a British company, well-known as one of the best guitar amps builders. You may have the big ones, but for this Marshall MS2 Micro Amp, I’d say this is my good thing i like about Marshall Amps is that they are being honest about the guitar tones. they will amplify anything that came out from any kind of guitar honestly. if your guitar has ugly sound (like my lovely first electric guitar), then Marshall amps will take that ugly tone into the loudest sound you’ve ever heard.  Actually it’s a real good thing, if you want to buy a new guitar, please consider to hear it through Marshall Amps. (hear check sound: marshall ms-2 here)here few pictures i made:

quite nice isn’t it? here i shared a video about Marshall MS 2, i recorded it with digital camera SONY cybershot. I’m not sure you will get significant differences between each sound of my guitars, because it’s like nearly porn poor video. but here it is:

well, what do you think about this Marshall MS2 Micro Amp?