Learning Guitar tips for very beginners

What is the exact method in learning guitar? This is a question which has inspired since the day one of learning guitar as my music expression. And yes I’m a beginner for a life time. I have seen so many guitarists and virtuosos with their bright achievements and at some point I feel so down just by hearing their compositions. But I’m not a quitter. So I made this blog as my approaching method in learning guitar. Yup, by sharing what I’ve learnt so far and asking responses around the internet, again and over again then learn the new knowledge I got from doing that. That is my guitar learning system.
What I got so far actually is very helpful, and I’d like to share them here as Learning Guitar tips. Some tips for beginner guitar players just like me. Here are some of them.First, choose your own guitar. It’s kind of difficult thing, because, as a beginner, we can’t be sure which guitar suits to our learning. Well, there you must have friends whom you trust to accompany you to guitar shop, or, you read carefully about guitar around here on the internet. Some technical stuff those can’t be ignored about guitar is:
Woods. Regular guitars are made from woods and definitely you can’t miss this. There are so many kinds of woods for guitar. Mahogany, maple woods, alder, nyatoh woods, rosewood are among them. Each has its own characteristics in building the output sounds.  What we really must concern is, the wood must be dry and strong.  All guitar brands put this on top priority.
Crafting and precisions. Both hand-made and machine-made guitars need to be precisely built. This is vital point that you can’t ignore. Some guitars just fit to our hands and we ne need to try them at guitar shop before we buy them.
Pickups and other accessories. Latest technology made them possible to get the highest quality and precisions. The bridge, headstocks and guitar strings are things develop rapidly these days, you can read more details on the internet about this and get amazed on how far they go for this. Second, tune the guitar. For me, tune guitar strings learning is the basic idea to deliver us to the next level. Without this knowledge, we will wandering around and achieve nothing in progress. The standard tuning for guitar is:
– High E for the first string,
– B for the second string,
– G for the third string,
– D for the fourth string,
– A for the fifth string,
– Low E for the sixth string
It is known by the name EADGBE tuning (last E is for the smallest string) and I think that all of us need to know this before we learn chords and lead playing or any other skills. You can get help in tuning your guitar with guitar tuner online here.

Third are notes and their intervals on guitar. The dots on guitar help us mark the notes. All things about scales and modes, circle diagrams or other kind alike, need to be converted on guitar fretboard so we can translate the notes fluently.  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (C D E F G A B) is the best thing to start. You can use guitar learning software if you want to. Indeed it helps a lot.

Fourth is learning guitar chords. After we learn about the notes, the next thing is finding out about how those notes build the chords. Chords consist of notes that played in one at a time. There are various ways to approach this section, so far stuff that comes in handy when we learn the chords, and at least there are basically five kinds of chords:
Major chords        : consist of 1-3-5 (C – E – G)
Minor chords        : consist of 1-3b-5 (C -E flat -G)
Dominant chords    : consist of 1-3-5-7b (C – E -G -B flat)
Diminished chords    : consist of 1-3b-5b (C – E flat – G flat)
Augmented chords    : consist of 1-3-5# (C – E – G sharp)

Pick only your favorite songs to learn guitar. There we will have the never-end spirit in learning  guitar songs learning is my best way.

Of course this is only a brief guitar lessons. There will be more detailed posts about all these. This tips I made is for beginner guitarists who want to know some stuff the guitarist can’t be ignored. I hope this helps. Any responses, please?