Is this Frankenstrat bike bothering you?

just few days ago i posted about EVH’s Frankenstrat and today i found that one of my friend is Eddie’s big fan (he’s not a guitarist, he’s a keyboardist). i never knew that until i saw him with his motorbike today. An EVH frankenstrat theme motorcycle and it’s cute!. here I share its pic:

Frankenstrat motorcycle

am I right or what?
i saw a lot of people have similar ideas about getting inspired by their idols. Actually it’s the best idea so far in learning guitar. get inspired by your favorite guitarists. you can start with almost everything and every element of this “get inspired” idea will help you in finding your guitar playing identity. surely you know what I’m talking about now isn’t about being a copycat, while actually it is fun when we can do our guitar idol licks and show them off 😀

well, since I’m a guitar learner, and i guess I’m a novice, so there’s nothing more i can talk about this getting inspired idea. all i can do is sharing more love about guitars. I love this Frankenstrat idea, have a good day and keep playing guitar!

did you know?
the Eddie Van Halen’s frankenstrat guitar paint and finish was inspired by a  red Schwinn bicycle paint. A quote from Eddie, he said “The Schwinn bicycle paint gives it pop.”

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