Have You Ever Been Through The Never?

Yes, Metallica will take you there. It’s 2013 and it is the time for everyone to experience through the never with +Metallica . this super heavy-metal band had made a real existence to its fans throughout the world with this movie. What we will see is actually a thriller concert film, which is new for me. the movie title itself is from the song with the same title  “Through the Never” from Metallica’s black album in 1991.

the movie’s early reviews have been positive. it has Rotten Tomatoes 82% fresh rating, the consensus states: “Imaginatively shot and edited, Metallica Through the Never is an electrifying, immersive concert film, though its fictional sequences are slightly less assured.” while Peter Travers of Rolling Stone has his opinion “a full-throttle expression of rock & roll anarchy”, and encouraged readers not to understand the plot, but to “live” it. Chris Tilly of IGN and Peter Rugg of The Village Voice stated a positive review as well. it is a groundbreaking 3-D motion picture and an electrifying, immersive concert film, something like a gigantic spectacle, a virtual-reality experience for every single fan of Metallica all over the world. in my opinion, this is the best Metallica’s achievement so far, and since Metallica is one of my favorites, there will be no spoilers here. you can watch the trailer, though.

so again, have you ever been through the never?