Frankenstrat Just Beat It

Such a great collaboration history made when the king of pop Michael Jackson meet Eddie van Halen in one stage and performed “Beat It”. Yes, that song is legendary and Eddie van Halen was the guitarist who fill the guitar solo track for that song.and you know what? EVH and the frankenstrat guitar appeared on MJ concert. The frankenstrat has magic spells which brought guitar into new steps and inventionsand van Halen is surely my guitar learning inspiration. Here’s Kramer 5150 frankenstrat variant appeared on MJ’s concert

eddie van halen and michael jackson
Eddie Van Halen and Michael Jackson perform “Beat It”

well, frankenstrat had just beat it, and surely it brings back some memories. i just wanna say:

Happy birthday Michael Joseph Jackson
(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)