Upload guitar playing to internet

this was my promise a year ago and this time, i will fulfill it. yes, uploading videos to YouTube. i have to admit, that saving money for this blog purposes isn’t easy. but whatever. i just bought a camcorder yesterday and i think it is a great camcorder. what do you say if i bought a samson’s ZOOM Q3HD for this? haha.yes, as expected, this camcorder represents the fulfillment of musicians’ needs. it has a great audio recorder and the video format is in HD. I’ve read about it and it doesn’t support capture still images and we can’t use it as external camera device for laptops, still all you need is a bright studio to get your best image captured by it while you need minimum enhancement for audio since this camcorder are meant for best audio recording.my first tryout stuff for my first video is a Yamaha APX 500 II acoustic electric guitar. and i like the result. the audio is astonishing, while unfortunately i couldn’t get the best visual shot because i don’t have special preparation for visual. I’ll make it up soon.

so here’s my first guitar shootout recorded using ZOOM Q3HD

so what do you think about the guitar sound recorded by it? in my ears, the recorded audio was successfully delivered by the camcorder. i think that’s the way a Yamaha APX 500 II should be. some reviews said that this guitar is lack of bass tone, but i think this guitar suits exactly to singers who want to play it live onstage. i didn’t record via piezo pickups because piezo pickups are basically delivering the strings tone and only a little wood and guitar tube sound. what i want to share is how Yamaha APX 500 II sounds when it is played in front of you and i did it. i would have highly recommend you to get two outputs when you’re playing this guitar. one for piezo pickups and one more for direct mic output. the oval hole got the guitar some wide treble characteristic so i think it makes the guitar has standard sound for recording and live performance with mid-low budget on market.

yamaha apx 500 ii

what about the Yamaha APX 500 II playability?

well, it has cutaway so you can reach higher notes easier than jumbo acoustic guitar, and it has moderately low gap between the strings and the fret board which allow you to play fast picking accurately.

so what do you think about Upload guitar playing? which one needs more comments? the ZOOM Q3HD, or the Yamaha APX 500II ?
ps: i bought domain for the guitar learner site and guitar learning developments. it’s at www.theguitarlearner.com and, you know,.. just in case you haven’t know yet 😀