Gibson guitars

Gibson guitars’ derived from the name of its creator, Orville H. Gibson (August 21, 1856). At first he was a lute maker and stringed other instruments. Although without formal education in the field of music instrument design, in 1894, Gibson created new form of mandolin and guitar which is different from the general designs at the time. Because of its unique and different, Gibson patented his creation. there were 5 entrepreneurs who got interested in and Gibson beautiful and melodious innovation which its voice were louder than the existing ones. in 1902 they founded the Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Mfg. Co Ltd. in Kalamazoo.

Since 1908, Gibson worked at the company but he was often ill and died in 1918. After he died, the Gibson guitar company continued its business and make some new designs, including the most famous and legendary Gibson Les Paul. Les Paul model were created by Ted McCarty in collaboration with Les Paul (real name Lester William Polsfuss) a Jazz guitarist, blues, country, songwriter and inventor of the solid body electric guitar,  the sound of Rock n Roll. Gibson Les Paul guitar is the most popular among other types Gibson guitars. Gibson is best known as the manufacturer of the Les Paul solid-body electric guitar. The tone out of this guitar will blow your mind and I encourage all of you Les Paul. It may cost a lot but you get the best of the best for the rest of your life.