Plectrum Spectrum, Pick Your Favorite Picks

One thing that we keep loosing it, yes the guitar picks/Plectrum. this cute little stuff is somehow annoying. We choose picks more carefully than guitar strings, but we lost them more often than we break our guitar strings. this stuff is too small for for anyone to keep and here I’m not going to talk about how to keep this stuff since i can’t keep my own picks from loosing them, hahaha..

guitar picks/plectrum

but, actually which one is our favorite? all we can do is trying them one by one to decide which one fits to our playing. it can’t be decided just by reading articles and recommendations. but here I share some thoughts about guitar picks/plectrums those affect our guitar playing.

Your picking technique affects all reason in choosing guitar picks/plectrum. here i share video of Steve Morse’s essential idea in picking technique. He has quite unique picking grip which enhances his guitar skills. (at least that’s what he told us on the video, ^_^ )

Thickness.  there are various thickness, start from 0.05 mm (or even smaller) to 2.00 millimeters.  some people buy all these in order to practice picking lesson and somehow it works to enhance the picking power and accuracy for some people. who knows, wanna try?

guitar picks thickness

Size. the picks width is one thing for your consideration. for me, i like the small one like dunlop jazz III because it touches the string perfectly without adding annoying picks’ space like the usual one.

guitar picks Sizes

Grip. some picks have grip texture that helps us to grab(pinch?) it in convenient way. here i share some guitar picks images, you can see here how manufacturers modify this grip stuff.

plectrum picks

what suits me? Dunlop Nylon Jazz Pick Pack, Sharp/Red is fine for my playing. it suits best on my grip. but who knows? if you want some more, here i share my pick recommendations on amazon. happy picking!