Fun In Basics, Minor Chords

Happy New Year 2014! yes, i congratulate all of guitarists who still fight for their music until today, i hope all of you stand still with me. Well, this post will be the continuation for my post: Fun in basic, Major Chords,  and now is about the minor chords on guitar.FYI: these minor chords follow the natural minor scales, so as you can see the A natural minor scale notes are A(1) – B(2) – C(3) – D(4) – E(5) – F(6) – G(7) – A(higher octave) and its interval is w-h-w-w-h-w (w = wholenote, h = halfnote)Basically Minor chords consist the root, the flat-third and the fifth note. if you have an A minor chord, that would be A as the first note (root),  C as the flat-third note(3rd), and E as the fifth note.

A  (root),  C(3rd), and E (5th)

so, what you have to do next to get B minor chords is write down the B natural minor scale which is B(1) – C#(2) – D(3) – E(4) – F#(5) – G(6) – A(7) – B, see the bold font, and you’ll get B(1)D(3)F#(5) as your B natural minor chord

B(root),  D(3rd), and F#(5th)

the rest chords are easy as long as you hold the natural minor scale as your guidance

C(root),  D#(3rd), and G(5th)
D(root),  F(3rd), and A(5th)
E(root),  G(3rd), and B(5th)
F(root),  G#(3rd), and C(5th)
G(root),  A#(3rd), and D5th)

easy isn’t it? hahaha
i hope it helps, happy new year everyone!