1×12 Cabinet with Celestion G12EVH speaker

It’s been a while since my last post, and now I present you my huge 1×12 Cabinet with Celestion G12EVH speaker. Technically I didn’t build this cabinet from scratch. It was a cabinet for old days radio and I installed a speaker in it. It was quite difficult decision since Eminence and WGS (and other celestion products such like vintage30 and greenbacks) were available at local stores here, too. But, EVH’s label was such a thing that tickles. So i chose this Celestion G12EVH speaker:

celestion G12EVH 16ohms 20w

I used cable lugs for connectors to make easier things. I’m very satisfied with this speaker, but who knows, someday I would change my mind about it. I didn’t write much about the speaker, you should go to Celestion G12EVH page for details, but definitely i made a shootout about this on youtube.

celestion G12EVH 16ohms 20wattscable lugs as speaker connector

It’s a 16 ohm 20watts speaker for my Orange Jim Root Terror amp, so my pre-thought was this could be awesome and IT IS. it sounds just great on my huge cabinet. It is built with strong woods, mahogany i guessed, and it’s been here in my place for decades waiting for resurrection. The cabinet size enhances the Low end while still I got the Mid and Treble sound definitions. It is almost like half-stacks but much cooler sounds and looks. see what i mean? 😀

1x12 cabinet celestionEVH

yes, i didn’t replace the cloth but i’m pretty sure that you noticed I added a Fender Logo on it. for me it’s just cute.

Fender Logo on 1x12 Cabinet

I can’t say much more, but actually I really want to find the old radio and convert it into an amp, but i just couldn’t find it anywhere. this is the best i can do by my self so far and I’m satisfied by it.



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